Mission Overview

The FIREBIRD II mission is a continuation of the FIREBIRD mission which launched two additional 1.5U CubeSats in January 2015. These two CubeSats were originally the Engineering Design Unit and flight spare for the FIREBIRD mission, but have been refurbished for flight.

Spacecraft Overview

The FIREBIRD II spacecraft feature two major changes from the original FIREBIRD spacecraft: 

  • The Electrical Power System was replaced with a new in-house design 
  • The FIREBIRD IMM Solar Cell Experiment (FISCE) was added.


Both Flight Unit 3 (FU3) and Flight Unit 4 (FU4) were launched on January 31, 2015 with the ELaNa X (SMAP) mission. All subsystems are working well and we have recorded and downlinked hundreds of microbursts to date.


FIREBIRD Flight Units 3 and 4 shown with antennas deployed.

Science Data Products

The latest science data products can be found here: solar.physics.montana.edu/FIREBIRD_II


  • Both FIREBIRD II CubeSats transmit AX.25 packets at 19.2kbaud with GMSK encoding. FU3 transmits at 437.405 MHz and FU4 transmits at 437.230 MHz.
  • TLE's can be found here.
  • Mike Rupprecht (DK3WN) has built a decoder, which can be found here.